October made me feel very warm and posty (HA!) but November apparently sapped all my will to write.  I think I was probably anticipating Thanksgiving, and more importantly, Black Friday, so I stopped thinking of topics to write about in favor of perusing advance ad scans and the like.  They say it takes three weeks for something to become a habit, but I can tell you that getting OUT of the habit of blogging? It takes much less than that.

Christmas also came and went since last I dusted off ye olde blog, and it was great.  My daughter is three and she felt very, very strongly about getting a fish for Christmas. A real one, with no batteries!  :)  It’s so much fun to have a child old enough to appreciate the magic of the holiday season.  I personally spent the entire month of December trolling Slickdeals and forcing my child to do a ton of crafts and help with Christmas baking. She did not seem to mind much, as crafting and cookign with Mommy are two of her favorite activities…but I will say that she has not been as enthusiastic about crafting after Christmas as she was before. I think we both appreciated a little break from all the engaging, enriching activities.

I feel a bit giddy tonight because I had some excellent drug store shopping. The most interesting thing that I bought was six 1.5 quart containers of Edy’s ice cream for $.94 (total), making them almost sixteen cents a piece.  Have a Rite Aid and a Wellness card (free)?  You can do it too!  Just buy six containers of ice cream, assuming you can find them in stock. Pay $2.99 x 6 = $17.94.  Receive six $2 UPs (which print on your receipt) and one $5 Up. If you’re not a regular Rite Aid shopper, immediately tear those coupons off and spend that $17 on something in the store that you need that’s on sale. Rite Aid prices are murder if there’s not a sale.  You could actually spend that money on more ice cream, but you will only get the six $2 Ups, not the $5.  My store actually had plenty in stock, which was somewhat shocking. I also bought twelve packages of pads, making me look like a walking stereotype for PMS. :)  The manager came to the front and hovered over the cashier while I was checking out. I wonder if he thought I was going to get violent or something?  I don’t know.  The whole trip worked out to be $17 of profit and I just really love days like that.